Karate, Self-defense, TaeKwon-do Fighting Arts

 Oriental Martial Arts

    We offers martial arts classes for the elderly.

Healthy, Healing Martial Arts

The Oriental Martial Arts teaches beginners Taekwon-do which consist of nine (9) forms and ten (10) promotions to black belt. Self defense skills, non-contact sparring, and board breaking. 

Intermediate students are taught all of the former plus Chi-Kung to develop their Chi "power."

Advanced students are taught all of the former plus "Dim-Mak" which is pressure points and meridians.

Martial Arts Classroom lessons

Watch 1 hr video then Gym workout 1/2 hr

Black belt, Mr. Paul St. Cyr
$20 a class/ $86 a mth/ $1032 a yr
Black belt, Mr. Julien Allard
$25 a class/ $107 a mth/ $1290 a yr
Master William Bourgeios
   $30 a class/ $129 a mth/ $1548 a yr
Grand Master Eugene Gaudreau
   $35 a class/ $150 a mth/ $1806 a yr 
Dim Mak
Grand Master Jon Fraser
   $40 a class/ $172 a mth/ $2064 a yr

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